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Alphonzo explain 3D Impression

Alphonzo, conversation assistant from San Francisco (USA), explained us about 3D impression and things we can do with a 3D printer.

He explained the types of things we can do with it (food, clothes, toys…); jobs in which we can use one; and some optic effects we can do. Art Director, Creative Director, Drafter, Film and Video Editor, Graphic Designer, Marketing Manager, Multimedia Artist, Thecnical Writer, Web Designer…We could not imagine it!

Alphonzo was very pleased to explain us what 3D impression is.

After the presentation, Alphonzo showed us some videos about some optic effects we can do with 3D impression. It was amazing!

It was very interesting and we learnt a lot!

Redactor: Manuel Bolaños. Alumno de 1º ESO

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